Top Three Picnic Spots In Ipswich, Suffolk


Ipswich is teeming with life, chocked full of rich culture with diverse backgrounds, some may even say it owes its economic success to such diversity, allowing people from all walks of life and backgrounds to contribute to the creation of one of England's best places to live. 

  1. Christchurch Park - A well tended and full of lovely shrubs with breathe taking trees and curious squirrels, the park is the perfect place to walk your dog, have a romantic walk with your loved one or sit down and enjoy a picnic. 

2. Holywells Park - With an abundance of history boards located around the park, giving you an insight into the areas rich heritage, Holywells Park makes an excellent place to come when looking for someone to take the young ones or to simply take a stroll. 

3. Chantry Park - Situated in the middle of the grands, the grand house at Chantry Park serves as a concert platform for many big names, including Ed Sheeran. The park makes a brilliant place to get lost and spend the afternoon enjoying a picnic with your partner. 

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